Pioneer Log Homes | FAQ’s
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Common questions and answers



In order to accommodate the numerous informational requests about log homes, we have put together this to answer many of your questions. Please visit or call our office for more details, pick up floor plans, get a bid on your favorite plan, design a custom plan to suit your own life style. We are here to help you make your choice of a log home easier, by providing you the information you need.

Q. How does the price and time of building compare to regular construction? 
A. About the same as other custom homes. However log homes offer some bonuses. They are very durable, energy efficient, extremely earthquake resistant, and easier for the owner to assist with the building process.


Q. How much do log kits cost?
A. Complete kits range from $23 to $50 per. sq. ft.; erection of the shell cost between $12 and $20 a sq. ft. depending on the complexity. If completely built it will range between $100 to $145 per. sq. ft.


Q. Is it possible to build a basement with a log home ?
A. Certainly. Where the property allows, a basement is a cost-effective way to acquire additional square footage.


Q. Can one obtain a loan on property and a construction loan too?
A. Yes . Normally, a bank will loan 80% of the appraised value on property and plans for a construction loan.


Q. What is the difference in log sizes?
A. There is about 5% more efficiency with each diameter inch increase. The main difference is appearance– larger homes look better when more substantial logs are used. Another factor is F.H.A. and V. A. require a 9″ log or larger.


Q. What about logs shrinking, warping, or settling?
A. This is a problem for most other log companies because they harvest high- moisture content logs. then they kiln-dry there logs, which may reduce the moisture content to 15% to 19%. We use standing dead logs which are 9% or 10% moisture content. Which means we have no problems with this.


Q. Can you design a custom log home for about the same price as a standard kit?
A. Generally a custom log home is no more expensive than a standard kit (we generally customize even our standard kits ). We try to match each home to it’s lot (orient windows to the sun and to the view ).